Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Latest Spanking

It has been a few weeks of Vanilla company and crazy work hours, but I finally got a spanking. The one thing about having a week or two between spankings is that I get more tender. Those implements that were only slightly evil now become very painful. I had been asking for the spanking for awhile, but with company and work it didn't happen until Sunday. I was taken down to the spanking room and told to take down my pants and get over his knee.

He was in a hospitable mood and so he worked up to the evil paddle. I got the hand, leather paddle, blue meanie, and then the wooden paddle. I only got ten, but with the wooden paddle, but boy did those ten get my attention. I didn't so much like it during the spanking, but I sure loved the before and after! Yes there is part of me that liked the during part too, in a very detached way. That part of me that is saying " Wow I'm really getting spanked and it really hurts, what was I thinking" It always seems to hurt more than I ever remember, when it's going on.


BB said...

Are you coming back?

Nisha said...

Yep I'm coming back. Had a lot of stuff going on with work and home, but hopefully it's calmed down now!