Monday, November 12, 2007

Spanking Dreams

When the spankings are not happening in the real plane, they tend to start occurring with more frequency in my dreams.

Yesterday there was an incident with a single tail, a flogger and of course the dreaded ( and loved) hairbrush. Although I have never had a single tail used on me it was interesting in my dream. It puts the spanker at a further distance and since it was a dream I could watch it being used. The slight red marks showing up shortly after impact. It might be interesting to actually have one used. It would just have to be someone who was very good with one, since it is such a long implement with lots of room for error.

The thing about dreams is sometimes I get to watch my own reactions and the reactions of the spanker.

As much as dreams of spanking are nice the real thing is better! Soon the real ones will be visiting my bottom again and I will be happy with a rosy bottom.


Brad D. said...


I share your fascination with the hairbrush, but am surprised that you need to take the brush as well as administer it.

Like you, I am versatile and like, well, really need, to play on both sides. In my experience, many women prefer taking either leather or the palm of the hand. A man pulling the belt out of his pants loops makes many women swoon. Paddles or brushes are often too severe for all but the most disciplinary and implement-tolerant female players.

On the receiving end, nothing makes me feel more young and contrite than when a women has a hairbrush in her hand and a smile on her face. Women often lack the strength to administer a disciplinary handspanking, but applying discipline with a hairbrush is most comfortable. Hairbrush spanking seems to come very naturally to even some pretty submissive women as it brings out domestic, nurturning instincts.

So, count me in the club of people who share a love/hate relationship with the brush. I find women who hairbrush spank utterly feminine, and women who take them most desirable players.


Brad D.

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