Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Have You Learned Your Lesson?

Have you learned your lesson, is such a loaded question in a play session. When asked a lot of things run through my mind. Yes, I have that hurts... I have sort of learned my lesson.....No, I haven't, now that you are asking me and not spanking me it doesn't hurt 8) It all depends on which part of me has control of my tongue, at that precise moment. I want the spanking to stop, but I don't, aarrgh so many choices in that spanking moment. Sometimes I am not sure which will win out. That spanking addict part of me never wants the spanking to stop, but that red fiery bottom says are you nuts. Oh well what can I say, this is the dilemma of a spanko, to continue on with a warming of the bottom or take the respite of some lotion and cuddling. I always know if I say no I haven't learned my lesson or some other remark that is on the bratty or sassy side I'll get a nastier implement applied to my already tender bottom. But oh, sometimes the fire on my bottom is well worth it, for the wonderful feeling after the spanking is done. That feeling of freedom and peace.

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