Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hard Wired for Spanking

Have you thought about spanking as long as you can remember? Have you fantasized about spanking? Have you searched for spanking on the web and in book stores? Have you walked through the kitchen isle and tried wooden spoons out on your hands to see what they might feel like? Then you are probably hard wired.

Spanking has become more mainstream in the last few years. If you search for spanking on Google or yahoo or many of the other search engines you get thousands of hits or more. You can buy spanking books in mainstream bookstores and on mainstream Internet sites like Amazon.

As spanking of children becomes a thing that is frowned upon, spanking for erotic purposes and enjoyment in adult circles, has become more accepted. Also domestic discipline relationships for adults are becoming more widely accepted as well.

If you enjoy being spanked or spanking someone for fun, getting what you need or giving what the other person needs then you are probably a spanko. There are many safe places to find out if spanking is for you, depending on where you live. One I enjoy that is very supportive is Shadowlane. They have both a website and host a party once or twice a year. People from all over the country come to these parties as well as some from outside the country. You can play or just observe the goings on. For a first time party goer that can be a jaw dropping experience seeing that many spankos in one place.

I have been in totally vanilla relationships before and have found them lacking for me. I need spanking as part of my life. If you are hard wired, it is very hard to do without spanking in your life. It is an emotionally stabilizing force for me and whether soft or hard it touches a deep part of my being!

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Dave said...

That was a great post. yeah I think many of us were, as you put it so well, 'hard-wired' and/or 'born with it.'

Seeing an ad for shadowlane was how I first discovered this world.

Might as well enjoy/embrace it::))