Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Over Due

When is a spanking over due. For me it doesn't take long, but two weeks is way over due for me. I get cravings before then, but the situation with work and family got in the way of regular spankings so Monday my over due spanking manifested itself.

It had been almost a 1300 mile drive in two days (he did almost all the driving) bringing my mother back home. I made the mistake of packing the bath brush, hairbrush paddle and the blue original stinger ( yes, my memory does tend to be short ). I didn't get my spanking in the hotel, but I did when we got home.

When he said I was going to be getting a spanking, I started to try to get out of it..."if you too tired"...that didn't go over well, and I was informed if I wanted to continue trying to get out of it, then it would only get worse. I of course did try for a bit more, to no avail! So the spanking ended up being a harder one, because I tried to get out of it, after having "asked for it". By the time the spanking was done I had a nicely tanned bottom.
Going to bed with a warm red bottom and a smile on my face is always a great way to end the day!

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BB said...

Im glad you got what you needed, and also glad to see you posting again.