Monday, November 5, 2007

Strange ideas when I need a spanking

As we were driving home from seeing my nephew and his kids (it's a bit over nine hours) I was thinking about spankings. Not that spankings are ever far from my mind, but that is another story. I got to thinking that we have a ton of implements and we only use five or ten of them. So I said that we should try using a different implement every day for the month.

So today at lunch I got told to pick thirty implements and set them out in the playroom. I figured if I picked all the fluffy wimpy ones I'd get in trouble, so there are a mix of nice ones and nasty ones. Some I like and some I don't like so much, but it was my idea and so now I get to deal with the consequences 8) . Since we are already five days into the month I guess that means that we will be playing catch up at some point. I hope it isn't tonight, because I am way behind on my spankings, meaning I am very very tender!
It will be a very interesting month I have a feeling. My bottom should be nice and warm all month long! The picture is the implements for the month, that I set out.

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