Sunday, January 6, 2008


The new spanking novels lay on the table in front of me along with other helpful items like a foot massager, but the item that has my full attention is the new wolf strap. There are wolf paw prints on the strap and a howling wolf on the handle. The stiffness of the thick new leather bring a tingle to the pit of my stomach as I know it will soon be used on my bottom.

I was not to be disappointed as shortly there after I was bent over the kitchen counter receiving a taste of the new strap. Being a thick strap it has a thuddy and stingy feel. I do love it, both for it's looks and the feel of it.

That was not to be the last of my spankings for the day, but one of the first. I got strapped, paddle and hand spanked. There were hair brushes and small stingy strap ( the ruler strap ) as well as large attention getting straps ( the prison strap ) among other items.

We didn't have to go anywhere for Christmas as both our families live out of state; so we had a relaxing day that kept my bottom rosy, warm and tingly. A perfect celebration of the giving and receiving spirit of Christmas. It may not be the way most people celebrate, but it definitely kept me smiling and content all day long and for days to come as well!

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