Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years Eve

The year was coming to an end and I actually had the day off. That meant spankings galore :)

With the end of the Christmas season I get more time to spend at home and am not so exhausted. Although for some reason I am much more tender these days, probably since I haven't been spanked as much because work has been interfering. I have come to have a reputation of being able to take hard spankings, but now even his hand stings and makes my bottom tingle. So he has been enjoying the fact that he gets a much better reaction with much less work.

Now that doesn't mean that he doesn't use the hairbrush or the paddles anymore. He has a lot of fun bringing those out and watching my reaction. I guess the fact that I still ask for it, might have something to do with it too.

I wanted to end the year with my bottom feeling the thunder of the fireworks and he didn't disappoint me. I brought him different implements throughout the day. It is a good thing we have a large toy chest. There are favorites, or at least ones I love to hate! there is the Nu west hairbrush, the bath brush, my new wolf strap, the prison strap, the domestic discipline strap, the school paddle and many others. The toy box was definitely well used with time in between the spankings to give my bottom time to lose it's glow. Then I always brought something again. He just shakes his head and says you know this is going to hurt.

Ah well what can I say, when the cravings are upon me I have no recourse but to follow. Good thing I have a good play partner who looks out for me and doesn't let me get in over my head.

It was a wonderful new years eve that I felt for many days to follow. You know you have been well spanked when a soft car seat make you gasp when you sit down the next day. Good thing a work standing up!

Hope you all had as great a New Years as I did.


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