Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The London Tanner world headquarters

When I was in Florida, on vacation, I had the privilege of visiting the headquarters for the London Tanner. I was amazed at the quantity of quality products that come out of the production headquarters. Walking into the production area the smell of leather and leather dye is a feast for the senses of any lover of leather. Ian had just finished the last touches on the last implements for a box set which were hung to dry. All the items are hand cut, stitched and dyed. There is no automation anywhere, which is why the quality is so high. When the process for creating a product becomes automated or machined it can lose a lot in the translation. Some things may be better or more consistent with a machine making them such as rims for a car or some metal working or etching, but for leather that is going to be smacking my behind, a product that is lovingly created by hand for maximum sting with beveled edges that aren't going to cut is always going to be my choice!

The London Tanner has a wide variety of implements from the not so severe to the down right ouchie versions such as the viper or prison strap. I love to hate them all. Some I love to hate more than others. The prison strap is one of my favorites, although only in the hands of someone who has a very controlled swing. There are two versions of the prison strap, the Arkansas prison strap and the Canadian prison strap. I am partial to the Canadian version. It seems to be heavier and thus stiffer and easier to swing for me when I'm topping. Also as a bottom the Canadian is thuddier, which I am partial too.

We have one of almost every type of strap the the London Tanner makes. I go through cycles as to which one I like the most and which one I hate the most. All of them can get my attention and hold it as well. When I first started playing I was scared of leather, but after experiencing the London Tanner spanking strop, at my first Shadowlane party, I started my collection of leather.

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