Sunday, August 2, 2009

Migrating Implements

Ok what can I say..for some reason implements keep migrating from the nightstand drawer or the playroom into plain site. I just can't help myself, when they are in the drawer they don't get used as often as when they are around the house in plain sight. I can't say I like having the implements used on me that find themselves migrating out of the drawer or up from the playroom, but there is a strange need that compels me to move them where they will be used.

He asks me why I do it and I can't give him a satisfactory answer, it's usually "I don't know". That doesn't usually bode well for what happens next, as they are usually then used with fervor, for the "I don't know". I tend to put paddles, hairbrushes and canes out. There must be a part of me that needs that more forceful psychological feel, that wood brings with it. It just has a more domestic feel to it for me. A strap does too but not quite the same. Leather is more forgiving, although it can be just as painful..take for example the ruler strap or the viper tongue taws.... can you say ouch.

The spankings that follow this implement migration are usually painful in a very stingy my bottom feels like it is on fire sort of way. Afterward though I am always wearing a smile, along with that feeling of contentment that comes from having someone who cares about you give you what you need, even when during the actual spanking you are thinking "why on earth did I put this out again?" I really don't forget what it feels like, that is the part that gives me butterfly's and sometimes makes me put it away again before it gets found. It is a test of wills. Can I leave it out and deal with what comes or will I put it away and be disappointed that I didn't get the spanking I needed?

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Celine said...

OMG, where has your blog been all my life? This is so much fun! I have a lot of reading to catch up on! *grin* ~Celine