Friday, June 29, 2007

Melt the Spoon get Spanked by a Spoon

Ah yesterday, I wasn't paying a lot of attention, due to being engrossed in my new book. I do love reading Mercedes Lackey. At any rate I decided to make some tea and turned on the wrong burner. Hmm there was a plastic cooking spoon sitting on that burner. Since I have allergies, I didn't smell the burning plastic and when he walked in the room the kitchen was starting to fill with nice smoke from the melting plastic. About that time the fire detector started screeching. What a mess. To say the least, we spent about a half an hour with all the windows and doors open and I scraped off all the plastic from the burner, (at least it was a glass top so I could scrape it off!) so it would quit smoking and not harden on it.

So when he came home I heard melt the spoon get spanked by the spoon and off he took me to the spanking room for a meeting with the wooden spoon. Being a cooking spoon it is rather light weight wood so it is incredibly stingy and makes an impression very quickly. It was hardly a lasting impression so that had to be remedied before bed with the evil Nu West hairbrush.
The spanking wasn't for the melting of the spoon, but because I wanted a spanking, and it was a wonderful reason for one. I also love spankings that I don't know they are coming as long as it is someone I have asked to give me spontaneous spankings that is. I so love going to bed with a warm and burning bottom!


Magus said...

Great blog! I just got a google ID so I could leave you a comment. What a sweet person you are and anyone who gets to spank you has been given a great gift.

But you're a bad girl, too, for having this blog as long as you did and not telling your SL friends about it. So glad you got the wooden spoon where it'll do you the most good, but would personally like to add a hairbrush application

Love you,

Nisha said...

I haven't had the blog that long :)

I'm glad you like the blog Magus. Hope I can make it to the next SL party.