Saturday, June 30, 2007

Spanking War

Most people know the card game war. I just had to add spanking to it. This is great for two people or you can play it with more. If you have two people who are switches, you choose one implement. The loser gets spanked with it. If it is a top (spanker) and bottom (spankee) playing it would be two implements. One would be the bottoms choice, the other would be the tops choice.

To play the game the deck is dealt out face down until each player has 26 cards. The just like the original game each player turns up one card at a time. The lower card loses and the winner takes both cards. In the case of identical cards. there is a war. The war is played with each player placing two cards from their decks face down and turning a third card face up. the higher card wins and gets the cards. This continues until each player has gone through their 26 cards. The winner is the player who has captured the most cards.

The spanking is then given by the winner (if it is two switches playing) with the chosen implement. The number of swats is the difference between the number of cards the winner has and the number of cards the loser has. For a spanker and a spankee the implement used is the choice of the winner.

A variation would be to do it with each turn, though that would be a lot of spankings 8)

With more than two players, you could make teams or everyone for themselves. The winner gets to spank the others, the number of swats being the difference between their total and the one being spanked and so on down the line. If a spanker is the loser, they must have a designated spankee to take their swats.

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