Thursday, June 28, 2007


The picture is from COMIXPANK

I haven't been able to write for a bit, since work has been busy. Now I have time and was thinking about cravings and how they affect our daily lives.

Before I started getting my spankings I would read spanking stories almost every day. Not that I don't still read them. I love spanking stories. Not the prisoner type as much as the naughty daughter, wife or schoolgirl who gets her comeuppance. The kitchen implement isle can be a torment or an exciting excursion. The perspective depends on if you are in need of a spanking or just wondering if any of them would make a nice new implement.

I didn't truly start craving spankings until after I started getting them. Before I started getting adult spankings I knew I wanted to be spanked, but it didn't grab me and shake me like a dog with it's toy. Before I first got spanked, it was more of wondering what it would be like, wondering if what I felt when I saw it or read about it, would be what the actual experience was like. After I got my first spanking, all I knew was that it lived up to my fantasies and was more. It was both physical and emotional, calming and arousing.

When I get spanked often, spanking doesn't invade my work or daily life as much. If for some reason I can't be spanked for awhile it starts to creep into my thoughts more and more. It is a little gnawing in the pit of my stomach and a tingling.

Do any of you get that feeling as well? Some of the time I think it might be nice to have one of the contraptions pictured above on hand for emergencies, then again it just wouldn't be the same as OTK!


Danielle said...

Fortunately I get spanked almost every other day. But even a week without (when he's away) makes me think, read, mail or talk on the phone about this subject.

Nisha said...

I usually get spanked fairly often, except when he's away, work has us on opposite shift, or when I had surgery. A month with no spankings I thought I was going to go crazy!