Sunday, June 15, 2008

The punishment jar

I am always thinking of new reasons to get spanked....Hmm do I even need a reason...

I liked the idea of the punishment jar. I just used it a bit differently. I was playing a computer strategy game and a stone went in for each of my characters that died. There are three colors of stones: clear for hand, light colored for strap and dark colored for wood. The problem with the game is the armies were large and so I ended up with an overflowing jar 8)

I didn't pick the stones based on color I just grabbed them and put them in the jar without looking at the color (that was for fate to say). Since there ended up being several hundred stones in the jar by the time I was done I got the spankings over several days.

To decide what the penalty would be for the day I got to shake some of the stones out of the jar. If I was feeling brave, or feisty, it was more. The implements used were his choice based on the color of the stones. So it could be anything from a lightweight leather strap all the way up to the prison strap. The same was true of wood, it could be a lightweight paddle or big heavy paddle. It depended mostly on if I was being sassy or being well behaved.

I loved the anticipation and the resulting warm tingle in my bottom, but the during that was something else!

Why is it that I always seem to forget the extent of what the during feels like? The thing I remember is always the butterflies before and that warm contentment afterwards. I guess that explains why I am always looking for ways to get a spanking.

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