Sunday, June 15, 2008


Image from Colorado Spankers

Topping is a very different experience than bottoming. It is also has a different type of responsibility. As a bottom it is your responsibility to keep the top appraised of your play level. If you are uncomfortable or experiencing more pain than you want. I am not in a domestic discipline relationship, so all of the spankings for me on both sides of the paddle are for fun.

As a top you are responsible for being aware of the bottom and how they are doing. You are the giver in this position. You want to give the bottom a good experience. It is important to discuss with the bottom before playing what type of spanking they are looking for. Once the spanking starts you want to stay aware of how the bottom is doing. This can be determined through body language, sass level and safe word. You should never use an implement that is not acceptable to the bottom or an implement that you don't know how to use or are not comfortable with or have not felt (for those that only top, that means at least on a hand or thigh).

It is important to know how an implement is going to react. Different straps react differently as do different cane types. Some straps are more likely to twist and so need to be used with a fast swing which is more intense. Some canes are more pliable and so are more likely to wrap because they have more flex. You also need to understand the reach of both canes and straps, because wrapping either type of implement or using it improperly or out of the target range will not endear you to the bottom you are playing with!

What does the top get out of the interaction. For me it is about being able to give the bottom what they need. It should be an enjoyable, if painful, experience. It is fulfilling as a top to be able to do that. It is also a feeling of accomplishment to be able to have control over the implements that you use, being able to use them at different intensities to give the bottom the feeling that they are looking for. It is also a feeling of power given to you by the bottom.

Some bottoms will only ever bottom, some tops will only top and some of us will experience both sides with all the joys and pains found there in.

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