Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been awhile

So I have been told that I have been very naught in neglecting my posting duties. I'm afraid this is true I keep letting other things get in the way.

I was going to post in January about "the first spanking" of the year.
We went to a movie and on the way we were discussing spankings and the first one of the year. He decided that I should get one smack for each day of the year with extras for any day that I might be naught. He figured there would be quite a few of those, for some odd reason.

I can't imagine how he could even think I might be naughty, but you know how men are, they just think we are naughty all the time. I guess that is so they can spank us poor sweet innocent women!

Ah well I did get my spanking when we got home. There was the hand which is a nice experience, although lately I wonder if he sneaks in a board in place of his hand. I guess I'm getting wimpy. I wasn't as wimpy in January though, so I also got a few straps and of course one or two hair brushes. He also used the evil blue thing, although I have heard other more colorful names for this implement. All in all it was very satisfying though my bottom was very tingly when he was finished.

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