Thursday, March 26, 2009

You know you are in trouble when

When do you get that feeling in your stomach? When I say that feeling I mean the feeling that some people call butterflies, others call sinking in the pit of the stomach. Is it when you hear the words "march yourself downstairs right now". Could it be the dreaded " Drop your pants and bend over" Or is it simply when they get that look on their face or pick up an implement.

For me it can be any/all of the above. Or it can simply be if I hold an implement and know I will hand it to him later for hisuse. For some people that feeling is a feeling of dread for others like myself it is more a feeling of anticipation.

When he is going to spank me he always has that certain look in his eye as he reaches for my arm or shoulder to steer me to where I will be getting spanked. Sometimes I go oh so willingly, but others I will be squirmy or fussy. It doesn't change the inevitable, except that if I am mouthy or too fussy it may make the spanking longer or harder. That is what makes it fun to do sometimes. It is a matter of walking that line between the lighter and harder spanking. It varies what will bring on that harder spanking. Sometimes I get a harder spanking than I was trying for, but that is the risk I run. If I say I don't want one I won't get one though. So that being said if I don't say that, I will get what he feels I have coming!

I also know I'm in real trouble and the spanking is going to be a hard one when he pins my legs down. I guess he doesn't want to get his hand kicked, or maybe he is just looking out for my welfare and doesn't want to accidentally hit a wildly flailing foot.

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