Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wood Therapy

Do you need some wood therapy?

That is a loaded question. I heard that the other day and yes of course I could say, but at the same time in the context of having been being a brat, that could be a very hard spanking indeed. So they answer was yes and no. Yes I was being a brat because I needed a spanking, but the thinking part of me was saying no, that is going to hurt. ..

Ah well for those of you who are spankees and love it, you know that feeling of dread and anticipation that fires the soul. That spark of fear mixed with delight.

When that first strike falls on bare skin and the pain blossoms and flows through you to your core. If the spanker is good and can read you, someone who knows and understands you, that ride can be a painful delight. It is a ride that someone who isn't drawn wholly to spanking never can understand. Someone who is a talented spanker is an artist. The spanker can touch the depths of your soul and set you free. By the same token a spanker who missuses that power can bring a spankee to the depths of destruction.

For some it is wood that touches their soul, for others it is leather, while for another it may be the touch of the hand that is the key. For me that call changes and for the one that knows me the best, he knows what call to make and how far to run, carrying me along in a river of bliss mixed with the pain in my bottom. A pain that brings relief and comfort with his stern hand.

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