Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spanking graphics

For those who like spanking graphics there is a new site that launched for females spanking males . It has some 180 graphics with all female tops in varying styles. The graphics are done in varying settings. Some are more domestic, like the one here while others are more non traditional.

The graphics are all very well done for those who like graphics with females spanking males it is a rare treat.

The site is


ih8grenstrps said...

OMG! You finally updated the blog! It was definetly worth the wait! I do like the Wood Theapy post, very good, profound in many ways.
OK just had to tell you that and now im off to raise hew and cry like Paul Revere as it were, that you have finally done an update. I wonder if youll check back before FMS and see if anyone gave you a comment? Really, some people need to be spanked for keeping blog readers waiting....Im just saying.

Nisha said...

LOL, yes I finally updated my blog. I know I have been very bad. I kept meaning to do an update, but then something always came up. I will try to do a better job, we shall see :)