Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Couple of Great Artists

This is a great drawing by Patty. She has several great blogs on which she shares her gift for art and verse and her spanking experiences.

This very realistic drawing by Brian Tarsis. He is an avid spanko and has done many drawings for Shadowlane as well. His art is very realistic and really shows the feelings involved in a spanking and other pursuits.

I love spanking drawings, stories and most anything spanking related.


Dave said...

cool blog I just happened upon!

I found your site through Tim's "Spanking Bench" blog. I also love spanking art, my favest being, The Spirit, Sassy Bottoms, Brian Tarsis, et al. :-)

"The Cherry Red Report"

p.s. Hope you can stop by CRR and say hello.

Greenwoman said...

Hello...*smiles* Patty is one of my favorite spanking artists. Didn't know about Brian though. Thanks for the link!