Thursday, June 21, 2007

From Discipline to Playful Spankings for one and all

This is a picture from the cover of the JEST Magaine from 1956

There are as many types of spankings as there are implements. I would say they all fall into one of three groups though.

  • Punishment- Those spankings used as a deterrent in a relationship. The relationship could be that of a husband & wife, Master & slave or disciplinarian and the one being disciplined. In all cases it should be agreed on by both parties. This type of spanking is not pleasant and is done for the punishment of the individual for a transgression. The severity of which is determined by the spanker.
  • Scene- This type of spanking can be either playful or severe. Many of the most popular scenarios are teacher/principle & student, parent & child, master & slave, prisoner & guard, nurse/doctor & uncooperative patient. This type of spanking is scenario set up by the spanker or spankee and may use simple props such as outfit up to entire rooms set up as dungeons or school rooms. This type of spanking may be painful, but is generally enacted for the pleasure of both parties.
  • Play or spontaneous spanking- This type of spanking usually happens without prior planning and is also for the fun or enjoyment of both parties.
I experience spanking for enjoyment and not as a behavior modification. I can see where a spanking could help in behavior modification as it has a very powerful affect both mental and physical on the recipient. However I like to revel in my spankings so I'll stick to the enjoyment types.

I love to make up scenarios. I've made up notes from teachers and principals, complete with schools logos. School uniforms and other clothing specific to a certain scene have been motivators for Internet shopping binges. I even made up a spanking prescription with "anti-copy" background and doctors name etc just like the real ones. Of course everything on it had spanking references including the doctors name and address. Yes I did find a city with a spanko type name. What better than Brush! I also like to make painful toys and a few nice ones with fur on them, although those are more rare. I also made two jars with specific offences based on school or home offences, which can be used to set the tone and dialogue of a spanking.

For me spanking is a very freeing and creative process. It focuses the attention into the moment and holds you spellbound in it's force. Like a tidal wave rolling over you. The sting radiates through your whole body and carries you to places that you can't simply find without that stinging impression to guide you.


Danielle said...

With us it's a mix of all three I think. Although the play spankings occur most times, a punishing element might be added or we play housekeeper and Mistress.

Nisha said...

Hmm I haven't ever done a housekeeper and mistress scenerio, that might be fun too.