Tuesday, June 19, 2007

School Uniforms and Spanking

This is a picture from seykota.

School uniforms seem to have a big following in the spanking scene. The whole school room spanking gives many of us butterflies. Being that the first spanking I observed in public, was in a private school, it put's me in a good receptive mode for a spanking.

I now have two school uniforms, which I purchased from Lowrys School Uniforms . Their uniforms are very good quality and you have choices in style and color. The uniforms are made to last. The material is of very good quality, much better than can be found in some costume shops. Their service is also very good. They also have a variety of larger sizes which will fit most adults. They have uniforms for both boys and girls.

Some of my fondest spanking scenes have been in my school uniform. My favorite came on a day I was to be in the corner waiting for him when he got home from work. I had watched "The Story of O before he came home, so was in quite a submissive mood. I was in the corner waiting for my spanking when he arrived. There was much lecturing during which I had a quite long and hard spanking, with several implements.My bottom was very red and sore and my legs were like jelly by the time the spanking was over.

I was very calm and content and slept well that night. I had a sore bottom for several days, which always brought a smile to my face because it reminded me of my very wonderful spanking!

I do very much enjoy the more severe spanking, but only with people I know very well.


Chris said...

My name is Chris and I live in Santa Cruz, CA. I have really enjoyed your blog as well as the spanking bench blog that led me here. If you are ever so inclined, I would love to hear about the private school spanking that you witnessed. I guess the school thing has a special place in my kinky heart. Thanx!

Chris said...

Well, I just read about your 1st grade experience. So I may of just answered my own question.

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