Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Very Red Bottom Indeed

It was Sunday evening and I was in need of a spanking. I was also in a mood as well..not a good combination for sitting down the next day. It started out nicely enough. He pulled out the spanking chair and set it against the wall. I was then told to get over his knee. He was in a nice and generous mood and asked me if I deserved a warm-up first. I said no, which was a big mistake. I figured I would get the leather paddle first then. No I got the hairbrush on my bare bottom instead. That was very stingy and brought lots of protests from me. After that he asked again about a warm up, which at that point I thought would be a very good idea!
Then I got his wonderful hand for a bit ( that is heaven ). After that I got a short leather strap and leather hairbrush paddle , I was still stubborn and mouthy so the hairbrush came again. He asked if I was ready to behave, but of course my brattiness came out with a vengeance and I said no.
I was then ordered onto the wedge ( an angled pad that keeps my bottom in perfect position for being blistered ) on the bed. I then got the medium strap, the evil blue poly strap and the bath brush. Since I was being especially bratty, I also got his hand on my thighs (which isn't so nice, but gets a spankee's attention very quickly, when they are especially bratty). By this point I decided I would be good. My bottom looked as red as the picture above. I went to bed that night very content and with a very sore, tingly bottom!

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Danielle said...

Congrats on the sore bottom. Lol!