Sunday, June 10, 2007

After Care

Spanking after care is an important part of a spanking. There is the simple lotion for chaffing. For bruising Arnica gel works very well. Some people use tablets, I like the gel. Some others use a combination of the gel and tablets.

If the spankee has been especially naughty during the spanking we keep a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol in it for the end of the spanking. It is very cooling if the spanking has not caused any tiny abrasions. If there are abrasions it burns. Just use lotion afterwards if using alcohol to avoid drying the skin.

If it is a play spanking, rubbing afterwards is also very much appreciated by many spankees, just check with the spankee first.


Danielle said...

You do give important information. Especially for people who are new in the spanking scene, which I'm not. But I would love to read some more personal stories. Do you intent to write about that too?

Nisha said...

Yes I will be posting some personal experiences as well.