Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Testing out the new brush

I had been asking for a spanking for a few days, but my spanker had hurt his back so it had to wait. Yesterday I got a call when he was getting ready to come home. I was to be in the corner in the spanking room and have the new hairbrush ready and waiting when he got home. Talk about butterflies. I got everything ready and then waited until I heard him come in to hop in the corner. I know that was naughty of me, but I didn't get caught.

He told me to come out of the corner and put my hands on the seat of the chair and arch my back so my bottom was in a good position. He decided to be lenient and give me some with his hand first. After the hand I got several licks with the double strap and then it was the new hair brush. It seemed stingier than the original, which since it is a lighter weight wood it would make sense. Oh and never forget to answer promptly and respectfully when asked a question, or like me you may get a few extra hard swats, to get you back into a respectful mode.

Later before bed I was curious if the old hairbrush was really not as stingy as the new one so I set it out on the bed with the red meanie, not my most brilliant of decisions 8)

So I got the the hand, red meanie and the old hairbrush. Yes it is a little less stingy, but also more penetrating, because it's heavier. I loved the before and after, but during the spanking was major ouch. I can still feel it this morning as I'm writing, especially in that tender sit spot!

Be careful what you ask for. If your lucky, like me, you may just get it!


Danielle said...

You are indeed a naughty one by not following his instructions... How would you deal with such behaviour when you were the spanker?
The hairbrush isn't often used on me, but I do use it when I'm the spanker.

Nisha said...

Yes I am very naughty and tend to end up with a very sore red bottom because of it! I would deal with it the same way, I'm sure *evil grin*

I love to hate the hairbrush and ask for it (in one way or another) often.