Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Know you are an Spanking Enthusiast When...

When you count swats instead of sheep (yes I do, it shuts anything else out that might keep me from getting to sleep). When there is a room in the house you live in that has coat hooks with straps instead of coats on them. When you look at furniture for their ability to position a bottom, or support a spanker, for spanking then you are a spanko.

I have been in to spanking since the first grade when I saw a 7th grader get paddle in front of a full auditorium full of us at school. I wondered what it would be like to be him, having that paddle come down on my bottom instead. We also played house with my cousins and I was always trying to misbehave, so I could get spanked.

I didn't really fully embrace my fetish until a few years ago. It was like rubbing a magic genies lantern. Before then I was scared that people would think I was strange, or as I had been told in the past by people I was in relationships with, that it was stupid or sick. I met some wonderful people a few years ago and was introduced to a more supportive network than I knew before. I went from mainly being spanked to switching ( both spanking and being spanked ).

I am pretty much middle of the road now. Some people I only spank, some people I am spanked by and others I switch with based on mood at the time of the spanking.

There are many safe places to explore spanking like Shadowlane and Florida Moonshine. A site that has a lot of good spanking related content is Colorado Spankers . There are also other sites dealing with submission, domestic discipline and play or situation spankings.

I don't participate in domestic discipline, but I do get spanked often.


Danielle said...

Hi Nisha,
Interesting to read about your spanking past. Like you I've been in spanking for just a few years. But I haven't had anything in the past concerning spanking. I was totally ignorant, untill my husband introduced spanking. And I too started as a spankee.

Nisha said...

I wasn't ignorant of spanking, but I was very nervous about letting anyone know about my interest. I was however ignorant of the many items available about spanking, magazines, clubs, media.