Thursday, June 14, 2007

What do I look for in a spanker?

I love this picture. It gives me butterflies thinking about what a hairbrush feels like on a bared bottom!

I do so like the hairbrush in all it's painful glory. In the hands of a dominant, compassionate male it gives me wonderful butterflies. I did say compassionate, and not gentle. I like the spankings to feel real or I feel cheated somehow. Someone who can tread that line between pleasure and pain is a gift to the hungering bottom!

I look for several things when deciding if someone will spank me. Yes, unless it is a domestic discipline or master/slave relationship, I believe the spanking is the bottoms decision. It is after all a pretty intimate endeavor.

  • Spark- Do I feel a connection to the person in any way?
  • Accuracy- Are they accurate? Do they know how to use the implements they have? Are they comfortable with the implement?
  • Mood- Am I in the mood and do they have the presence I need? Meaning do they put me in the mood for a spanking or make me feel the opposite. I like confidence, but hate arrogance. Unless it is someone I know well, telling me I am going to be spanked, will bring out the Dom in me and you might be getting the spanking instead.
The spanking should be about the person getting the spanking and the spanker should also enjoy the experience. That is what makes a great spanking.

How do I find a person I think I would like to be spanked by?

  • Parties are a great place- watching other public spankings to see how someone spanks and maybe learn some new tricks as a spanker.
  • Word of mouth- Spankees are great for letting you know who is good and who is not. Just take into account what types of spankings they like. A bad reference from some, may be just the type of spanker you are looking for.
  • References from a spanking sites you trust. My favorite spanker, I met through a recommendation from Chastenwood. Also recommendations from friends who know you well, can be very helpful.

Just remember to go with your gut instinct. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it.


Danielle said...

Hi Nisha,
Interesting read!
I've only been spanked by two people: my husband and a girlfriend. But there are two other possibilities. And when I keep your list in mind they would be approved of.

Nisha said...

The most important aspect of a spanking is that you are comfortable with it. Glad you found my blog interesting.