Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stress Relief in Wood, Leather and Flesh

For me the best stress relief comes over the knee or over the box ( there will be a picture in the next post). A spanking for me is a way to totally focus and leave any stress behind. The more stressed I am the more severe I like my spankings. For fun, light spankings are fine, but for getting into that calm totally jelly like state a firm whipping or paddling is the only thing that does the trick.

During a hard spanking, especially, the body releases a lot of endorphins which dull pain and relax you. That is where that wonderful floating totally relaxed feeling comes from. Now the heat and tingly, stingy feeling definitely comes from the hand or implement being applied to my defenseless bottom.

The implements that come in to play for the heavier sessions range from hairbrush/bath brush to the cane or prison strap as well as anything in between.
For some of the sessions I like to be restrained using ankle and wrist cuffs. It gives it a more defenseless and helpless note. Other times I like to be told to hold my position and take my "punishment" and if I can't stay in position I get extra swats.
For this type of spanking you really have to trust the person doing the spanking and I only allow people who I know are extremely accurate near me for harder play. For true "punishment" scenarios I have only one person I play with at that level. If I'm going to get bruises, I want them where I want them, and I don't want them there by mistake.

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