Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Canes the Fiery Pain

The canes pictured are all from Cane 4 Pain. The one on the right is from the Grand Dukes collection. It was nicknamed the thumper by a friend at Florida Moonshine. He introduced it to me at a Shadowlane party. I told him there was no way he was going to use that huge beastly thing on me. As you can see I now have one and share the wonderful sensation with any female who is willing to not be deterred by the site of the thick and heavy rattan. I saw it used at a BDSM event to where blood was flowing. That is not how I like to have it used on me. The thumper is just that. It is used at the end of a spanking, or anytime for that matter, at the bade of the buttocks in a light thumping rhythm. For women it is much like a gentle vibrator, sorry guys it just doesn't work for you.

The second cane is the dancing fairy, nicknamed by the wonderful man who most often spanks me. It is very good at making me dance and has a very beautiful fairy at the top of the handle. The beautiful canes made by Whip Dancer at Canes 4 Pain are beautiful enough to hang above the mantle and be appreciated for their decorative qualities and stingy enough to get the attention of wayward lads and lasses. The last two are basic canes, the blue has a latex dipped handle and the other is just you basic cane.

Canes are very stingy and can and do often leave marks. They look very stiff, but are in fact very pliable. Of all the implements this one is the one needing the most practice and the most care when using. It tends to float from the spot that is the target either moving up or down and the tip will wrap given the chance. It has the whippy qualities of a strap and the biting quality of wood. It will leave mark easily from red lines, raised welts and cuts.

Never try a cane the first time on a person. Always practice with a new cane on a pillow or other inanimate soft object. The reason for this is each cane reacts differently. Some canes are stiffer then others as well as being different lengths.

Canes are a feeling you can learn to like. I prefer thicker canes. The thicker canes have a thuddier feel than the thinner canes which are much stingier. A cane also has an after burn. First you feel the initial burn of the impact and then a wave of burn. If you want to experience it, have someone who is well versed in the use of the can introduce you to this most interesting and quite unusual sensation!


Danielle said...

My experience with canes is now one week old. It's not the first implement I would chose but it adds something new to our collection.

Nisha said...

Not generally my first implemplent of choice either, but adds spice to the toy bag for sure.