Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Leather Paddles for those who can't decide between wood and leather

The paddles in the picture are all leather paddles. The one on the left I made. It is covered on one side with sheep's wool for a gentle spanking. The other side is double thick leather for a wake up smack now and again.

The next paddle is the nanny paddle from the London Tanner. It has a good size for chastising each cheek individually. The last two are hairbrush paddles from Adam and Gillians . These paddles are leather with lexan in the middle. They have a wonderfully thuddy impact and come in two sizes. They are individually made so the sizes are not always the same for large and small. They are very durable and have a deep impact. The hairbrush paddle was the first implement I had used on me after the hairbrush and it is now one of my favorite implements.

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