Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wood the Bane of the Bottom

The wooden paddle. Like the hairbrush but generally larger. From left to right CU frat paddle, high ouch factor and the spanker needs to stay on target due to it's large size ( meaning..know where the tail bone is).

The next one is similar to a heavy ruler as far as the feel. It is narrower than the other paddles, so there is more room if the spanker errs in placement when using it, although it is more stingy than thuddy. It is both beautiful and easy to use, made by Exotic Paddles .

The third one is a cheese board sold by the Great Alaskan Bowl company and made by Alaskan Birch crafts the surface is smooth as silk. It is a very thick paddle made out of a lighter weight wood so it is thuddy, but easy to use. It is not available on their web site, but can be ordered by phone. They will also personalize it, if you wish.

The Next paddle is the Captains choice with an extra long handle special ordered from Exotic Paddles with a requested wolf graphic on it. This paddle is made of a very dense wood and is both extremely stingy and thuddy at the same time. If the spankees attention is wandering at all, this will bring it back into bright focus as they see stars when it impacts.

The final paddle on the right is a handy paddle that can easily fit in the back pocket for easy access and transport, sold at a Shadowlane Party vendor fair.

My favorite paddle of those shown in the picture is the cheese board. I like thud more and due to it's thickness it has a nice thud and is light enough to be used anytime. The pocket paddle is a good traveling implement because it is easily concealed in a back pocket, unlike some of the larger paddles. It is also small enough for anyone with even a little understanding of spanking to use. They need only understand where the tail bone is and that it isn't about hitting as hard as you can.


john said...

These are indeed nice paddles, but I think expensive. A much cheaper way is using kitchen tools or as my husband making your own.

Nisha said...

Expensive is relative. I like them for the weight and eye appeal.
We also have a lot of kitchen utensils in the toy bag, but a lot of those are very lightweight these days. As far as making my own I haven't made many in wood yet, mostly leather and poly.