Thursday, June 7, 2007

For the new spanker/spankee

This is a wonderful book for those exploring the spanking fetish and for explaining to your significant other about the fetish if they don't understand. It has chapters like "Why Do We Like Spanking?; Anatomy of a Spankee; Warm up; Implements; Positions; and Tips, Tricks & Fun Things to Try". You can purchase this book at

It is much easier for a vanilla ( someone who isn't into spanking ) to accommodate a spankee than to become a spankee. For a spankee ( one who likes getting spankings) it fills a void and/or is an enjoyable (though sometimes painful) experience.

There are as many types of spankings as there are people into spankings. The spankings range from playful taps to severe punishment styles. Not every type of spanking is right for every individual. Some spankers/spankees will only ever use playful spankings, while others will experience the full gamut.


Mija said...

Agreed! Bailey is adorable. Lovely blog btw. :)

Nisha said...

Bailey is a sweet as she is adorable! Thanks for the compliment on the blog.