Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Traditional Implements belt/strap

The belt and the hairbrush are the most traditional implements.

In the picture is the traditional belt across the top. The from left to right are Spanking strop 20x2 & 17x1.5, corporal punishment ruler strap, domestic discipline strap, Glasgow Tawse, the Canadian Prison strap all by the London Tanner and the final one is one I made for fun. It is a very evil five fingered tawse that is fairly heavy.

I dislike the belt because of it's floppy nature. It needs to be swung fairly quickly in order to land flat. It is also longer than other straps, made with spanking in mind, and so has more of a tendency to wrap (when the strap hits around the side of the hip). This can be avoided by wrapping an end around the spanker's hand or folding the belt to make it shorter, which also makes it denser.

My favorite strap in the spanking strop on the left side. It was the first strap I was spanked with. It is heavy enough to sting and short enough to make it easy for most people to use without wrapping.

The ruler strap is an evil invention, translation extremely stingy like a cane. It is a very good strap for getting someones attention and in it's shorter version is also very easy to control. It can still get a spankee's attention, even late in a spanking. The longer version seen here can wrap if the spanker isn't being careful.

The prison strap is heavy enough for a very thuddy impact and strappy enough to sting at the same time. It is wonderfully powerful, both mentally and physically, when used by an accomplished spanker. Used by a novice it can be very painful and dangerous due to it's large size and weight.

One of my fondest strapping memories was at a Shadowlane Party being spanked with two prison straps, one by a left handed spanker and one by a right handed spanker. Talk about heaven! If you have two straps that are very similar and two spanker's that work well together I would recommend this to anyone who likes being spanked. It is painful by wonderfully uplifting and invigorating. It can also be done with two paddles or canes etc. I prefer the strap version however. I have also participated in doing this as a top and find it a rewarding experience to work in tandem with another spanker as well.


badlittleboy2467 said...

I have ALWAYS dreamed of having my bare bottom badly strapped by two girls at the same time, that would be awesome! Especially if I am tied up tight! I used to have the world's most beautiful heavy leather razor strop; it came from Reb's Spanking (New York) and had a wooden handle on a strop that was 22" long and I think 3" wide. It was beautiful to see, and had a very sexy feel and sound. Since the economy went bad, he folded, and I have NEVER found a hotter razor strop anywhere. Anyone know where you can get strops like that one, both pleasing to the eye as well as the bare bottom? WRITE ME!

badlittleboy2467 said...
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