Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Traditional Implements (hairbrush)

The two most traditional implements are the hairbrush and the belt.

In the picture you see from the left an ebony hairbrush, a hairbrush we found at an antique store that I refinished, a NU West hairbrush, a bath brush from the Vermont Country store, and the one on the right is from Shadowlane.
Many people fear the hairbrush or any wood. I would say with good reason. This implement is very unforgiving against tender flesh. It stings and penetrates and can leave lasting marks in the form of deep bruising if used heavily. It is very easy to control, due to it being a stiff implement, there is very little chance of missing the mark or wrapping like you can with a strap. However due to it's unforgiving nature used to excess or by someone who doesn't know the limits of the bottom (spankee) it can cause damage both temporary (bruising) to more lasting or permanent if the spanker hit's the tail bone or pelvic bone.

Personally, I like this implement and ask to be spanked with it on a consistent basis. I also like to use the hairbrush, specially the Vermont country store bath brush, because of it's longer handle. The brush gets a spanker's attention even when they have become desensitized toward the end of a spanking. I like the very traditional feel and connotation that it brings to a spanking. Discipline at it's very core. It can be used over the knee or with the spanker bent over a bench, bed, or touching their toes ( if they are that limber, I most definitely am not ).

The ebony hairbrush is definitely one I would relegate to the, for looks department, unless you really are a masochist, it is very dense and hurts like %$#@#. I always forget how much the bath brush hurts, because I pick it again and again. The ebony one I haven't forgotten, kind of like having your bottom run over by elephants and stung by millions of bees at the same time.

The brush is not an implement for a novice or to use with someone who you have never spanked, unless they ask you specifically to use it. It is also not one to let someone who has never spanked you use, unless you are very sure of their ability and their knowledge of the implement.


john said...

Do you really use that bath brush otk? It seems difficult in that position, but maybe you're quite a tall woman.

Nisha said...

Yes, I really do use it otk. Probably in how close you hold a spankee in. I'm not really that tall, only about 5'5".

Dave said...

Dear Nisha, You have an amazing implement collection. wow!

I think you are one of the very few switches I have seen in the blogosphere, oddly enough.

And I would love to feature you and your site on The Cherry Red Report. Feel free to contact me directly if you might be interested.... :-)

Warmest regards,

Nisha said...

Yes, and my implement collection only seems to continue to grow! There are always the favorites that get used more often than the others.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I've been told to find a Nuwest hairbrush but so far no luck. Will you share your source?

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me where to find a NuWest hairbrush? I haven't been able to find one.

Nisha said...

Sorry for the slow response Lacey I've been gone for awhile and haven't been checking the site, between vanilla company and work. The Nu West hairbrush came from the Nu west website. They were doing a closeout on them and I don't know if they still have any. If it isn't on the website anymore you could try contacting them.